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Keep a lookout on Premier Bet for our Risk Free Boosts. We are offering Odds Boosts with no risk. If your bet wins, we pay! If your bet loses, we give you your money back as cash, you can’t lose!

Place a bet of up to Max Stake amount here and take advantage of our Risk Free Boosts now.

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Go to Risk Free

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Place your bet

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Win or Cashback… you can’t lose!

If you see a Risk Free Boost on Premier Bet, get your bet on fast!

If the boost wins, we pay you! If it loses, we will give you your cash back within 48 hours!

The maximum stake per player per Risk Free Boost is Max Stake amount.

To be eligible to place a bet on our Risk Free Boosts you need to have deposited a minimum amount in the last 7 days.

To see how much you can bet on the Risk Free Boost, please see the table below:

Last 7 Days Deposit Risk Free Boost Max Stake
50,000 GNF 5,000 GNF
Terms & Conditions
  • The maximum stake that can be placed on a Risk Free Boost per player is Max Stake amount.
  • To be eligible to place a bet on the Risk Free Boost you must have deposited a minimum of Last 7 Days Deposited amount in the last 7 days.
  • If a player, by error, is able to place more than the maximum stake for a Risk Free Boost, which is stated within these terms and the bet is won, we reserve the right to only pay out the amount based on the maximum stake for a Risk Free Boost. If the bet is lost, the full amount of stake will be refunded.
  • All losing bets will be refunded within 48 hours, except in the event of a technical error where we will refund the bet as soon as possible.
  • Only bets on singles will count towards this promotion.
  • System bets do not qualify towards the promotion and will not receive any cash back if the bet loses.
  • Risk Free Boosts are not able to be combined with any other selection as part of a Combi or Multiway bet. If by error, a Risk Free Boost was combined with another selection, the bet will be voided.
  • Cashed-out bets do not apply to this promotion.
  • This promotion is only available for one player per account. Any attempt to place bets across multiple accounts will not be tolerated and could result in the accounts being closed and the funds confiscated.
  • We reserve the right to void any bet where there was an obvious error, mistake or technical fault, whether caused by a machine or human error in respect of any of the participating games/matches or if the user could have had an unfair indication of the outcome at the time of placing the bet.
  • We further reserve the right to void any bets where, in our opinion, all or part of the score results from cheating or collusion with other players.
  • We reserve the right to withdraw and/or change these promotional terms and conditions at our sole discretion, and any decision with regard to the winnings offered.
  • We may, at our sole discretion, exclude any customer from receiving selected promotions and any other promotions and offers.
  • General T&Cs apply.